What is it?

Some people only want straight hair, others prefer curls or volume. Restyling/ waves of KIS provide an answer for all these wishes. From voluminous curls to very slight neutral restyling, Waves has the right product for every type of hair. From fne to thick and from normal to damaged or coloured hair, Waves of KIS always provides a reliable result.

KeraWave:     Most powerful Wave for lasting style
EnergyWave: Individual Wave for vitality, natural elasticity and gloss
NeutraWave: 1-component neutral Wave for harmonious and caring restyling. The low pH value guarantees optimum hair quality

How to use the waves

Pre-treat the hair, if necessary:

Dry or darker coloured hair:

Wash the hair using KeraClean Volume Shampoo (step 1, Keratin Infusion Treatment) and treat it with KeraMoist Treatment (step 3, Keratin Infusion Treatment).

Bleached or light coloured hair with 9-12%:

perform step 1-2-3 of the Keratin Infusion Treatment as follows: KeraClean Volume, KeraBoost Infusion and KeraMax Treatment. Note: use KeraBoost Infusion (step 2) as pretreatment, place the hair in the hair wrapper and apply KeraBoost Infusion (step 2) again, now onto the wrapper.

Apply the wave lotion to the rods, starting in the neck and take the number of rods into account: the more rods are wrapped, the more often the lotion should be applied.

Note: the lotion will trickle through layer by layer. ‘Slowly but surely’, works better here than ‘quickly and sloppily’ (because what goes in quickly, goes out quickly!).

Adhere to the setting time indicated on the Wave packaging, and consider the following three hair qualities:

0= for closed hair that is hard to perm
1= for normal hair
2= for coloured and porous hair

Rinse the hair carefully with hot water after having let it set for 5 minutes. Carefully pat the rods dry using a towel or tissues. Mix 50 ml KeraFix (1:1) with 50 ml hot water and apply 2/3 of that using the application bottle or fxing sponge, starting in the neck (note: NeutraFix is ready for use!). Carefully remove the rods after 5 minutes and fxate for 3-5 minutes using the remaining fxation. Carefully rinse the hair for 3 minutes with hot water.

  • Towel dry the hair, apply KeraLock Acidifer (step 4) and let it set for 5 minutes.
    Rinse thoroughly.

  • Now treat the hair using KeraShield Leave-In (step 5).
  • The hair is now ready for further styling.