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Human hair is made up of three elements: keratin proteins, minerals and moisture.Research has shown that moisture gathers in places where keratin proteins have disappeared from the hair. This not only makes the hair heavier, it also weakens it. The hair loses elasticity, tensile strength and volume, becomes brittle and splits easily. A good example is bleached hair. The chemical process that is involved in bleaching hair does not only take the pigment out of the hair, but also makes the keratin disappear. This damages the hair. Moisture will automatically fll up these ‘vacant’ spaces in the hair. So even though the hair has soaked up a lot of moisture, it will still feel dry. This is caused by the outer layer of the hair being damaged.


In damaged hair the balance between proteins and moisture has been offset. The only way to repair damaged hair and restore the moisture balance, is to add precisely the material that is a key element in hair; hair keratin proteins. The keratin that is added to the hair will fll up the porous areas in the hair. Without addition of keratin, hair repair is virtually impossible. By adding keratin, the hair gains in strength and increases its elasticity, which boosts the hair’s volume.


Each and every KIS product has been enriched with the revolutionary Keratin Infusion System. Apart from hair keratin, this system also contains botanical herb extracts that are capable of compounding with moisture. This special formula enables KIS to restore the natural keratin volume - and with that the natural moisture content - in the hair. Due to its low molecular weight (MW150), the keratin manages to penetrate deep into the hair and repair it. As a result, the hair regains its resistance to damaging influences, such as sunlight, contamination, washing and styling. The repaired hair also offers an excellent basis to endure the effects of chemical processes such as having the hair permed or coloured. After all, colour pigments attach themselves better to healthy hair, and cover the underlying colour better, so that the hair retains its colour longer. A perm has better elasticity and shine on healthy hair. This makes KIS the prime guarantee for beautiful, strong and glossy hair that is very well cared for!

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