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KIS Metallics


6 ton-sur-ton tones, infinite variety of variations


The metallic fashion is still not on its return, but has a new, decentral appearance. On the catwalks we see that the glitter and glamor of previous years have made for glamorous accents and understated brilliance. KIS of Hairdressers harmoniously connects with the new KIS goes Metallic collection: six stylish ton-sur-ton metallics, which show how KIS combines practical applicability with creativity and an infallible sense of trends.

"Design a color collection that fits the upcoming fashion trend and easy to use in the salon" was the assignment for the KIS Creative Team led by Natasja Keijzer. "We wanted to design a ton-of-ton collection, not" parrot colors ". The six shades - Graphite, Steel Gray, Lavender, Champagne, Pink Champagne and Rosé - are all in the same color family. You can combine them endlessly and still keep a calm color result. This addresses a larger audience. I'm really excited and so glad we come to this. Previously, it was always a bit of this, a dump of that. How beautiful is that the hairdresser can now create a beautiful metallic color with one tube. "


SnowWhite blonde powder: just as lighter

"If you want a metallic tint to work properly, you need to ensure a perfect surface. It should first be as light as possible, minimum color height 10 ", Natasja explains. In order to keep the hair as healthy as possible, KIS introduces a new blonde powder, together with the metallic collection: KIS SnowWhite. Natasha: "This color just shades a lighter lighter than with an ordinary blonde powder - with the same percentage of development rotation and same working time."

No-Yellow Shampoo: Beautiful, cool surface

The second secret for a perfect surface - and thus a perfect metallic tone - is the neutralization of yellow pigments. "The cooler the base, the more beautiful the metallic effect," says Natasha. Her tip: Washed her after decoloration with the new KIS No-Yellow Shampoo. Apply to the sink once, allow for 3 minutes and neutralize the yellow pigments. Also advise No-Yellow Shampoo for home so that metallic tint stays cool

KIS Education: Learn all ins and outs about metallics

The KIS training program will be paying extra attention to these new colors - both technically and creatively. Natasja: "Metallics are really different from nature tones and other fashion tones. It's important that you know how to handle this and how to achieve the most beautiful results. "

KIS Metallics - Technical collection

Download the KIS Metallics technical guide here

KIS Metallics

Kis Keracream Metallics is a permanent Kis hairpiece that consists of 6 completely new metallic shades.

Create new contemporary hairstyles that will surely jump in the eye. The six new shades of Kis Hairdressers are Graphite, Steel Gray, Lavender, Champagne, Pink Chamagne and Rose. With these unique shades and colors, Kis Kappers plays well on the latest trend and development in the market.


First of all, light up hair as much as possible, allow Kis No-Yellow Shampoo for 3 minutes to remove the last yellow residue. Then rinse well. Mix the desired Metallic Color 1: 1 with KIS DMI Lotion and allow it to work 30-35 min. Wash thoroughly with KeraMax Shampoo and close with KeraShield Leave In.