Keep It Simple


Despite the extensive assortment, the KIS line is still very easy to use. In order to keep things simple, you should adhere to the following instructions in every treatment. Check the state of the scalp and the hair prior to treatment. Does your customer have any scalprelated problems? If so, simply kick off the treatment with a phase 1 product (see below). The KIS line offers two shampoos and a treatment for this phase. Then check the condition of the hair. If the hair is damaged, start the treatment with a phase 2 product. The line offers shampoos and treatments with two different objectives; one to make the hair stronger, and one to make it softer. Phase 3 is intended for healthy hair. The line provides caring shampoos and conditioners for that.

  • Phase 1: dealing with scalp problems
    KeraClean Volume Shampoo and KeraScalp Healing Shampoo/Revitalizer 
    have been devised to tackle skin problems, such as excess sebum, dandruff, scales etc.

  • Phase 2: dealing with hair problems
    KeraMax Shampoo and KeraMax Treatment  
    contain a maximum of keratin that helps reconstruct the hair from the inside, so that the moisture content is brought back to normal levels, which leads to the best possible repair of the hair. This is, for example, desirable for damaged or bleached hair, or hair that was coloured lighter

    KeraMoist Shampoo and KeraMoist Treatment
    contain selected keratins and botanical herbs that compound the moisture in the hair for better moisture balance. This is desirable in case of naturally curly hair and/ or hair that was coloured darker.

  • Phase 3: maintenance of healthy hair
    KeraControl Shampoocontains
    exactly the right selection of keratin to keep the moisture content in the hair at the right level, in order to make sure the hair stays healthy. KeraShield Leave-In en Keraglide Detangler both have slight conditioning properties for daily care for and protection of hair.


For the hairdressing salon that doesn’t want to make any concessions on quality, KIS has developed a revolutionary range of hair care products for salon and retail use. The range consists of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling, colouring and perm lotions. All these products can be used on al hair types and their specifc needs. That’s why KIS provides a special tailor made solution and treatment for every hair type and their needs.

Therefore a diagnose and advice are necessary to provide this special solution. Every individual has got different wishes, needs and expectations. Everyone deserves a special diagnose and that’s why it is important to evaluate their specifc needs, wishes and expectations to make a good advice and diagnose.