How to use kerablond

How to use kerablond

With this paste or dust free bleaching powder you will be assured of outstanding and best possible results. The Keratin Infusion System in KeraBlond provides maximum protection and strengthening for the hair during the bleaching process. A special blue tint prevents unwanted colour temperature and guarantees clear blond tints. KeraBlond bleaches hair up to 7 shades lighter. Suitable for a diversity of techniques, ranging from traditional highlights to trendy blond accents.

Note: when the bleaching agent comes into contact with the skin, you should not use more than 6% OxyCreme!

How to bleach using kerablond

Put 50 gr KeraBlond in a non-metal tray. Add 50 ml 3, 6, 9 or 12% OxyCreme. Apply this to dry, unwashed hair. If applied down to the skin, you should frst treat the lengths and ends and then the roots. Maximum time to set: 50 minutes. As soon as the desired decolouring has been achieved, you should wash the hair using KeraMax Shampoo and subsequently treat it using KeraLock Acidifer and KeraShield Leave-In.