How to color hair

How to color hair

First time (on untreated hair): apply the colour onto the lengths and ends and work it in down to the root. Time to settle: 30-40 minutes. Then gently massage the hair with water to remove the colour from the scalp. Add a small quantity of hot water, emulsify it and rinse it thoroughly. Wash the hair with the right KIS shampoo en then treat it with KeraLock Acidifer and KeraShield Leave-In.

How to use a demi-permanent colouring

A demi-permanent colouring can only be used when there is no grey percentage in the hair. Use as a toneon tone colouring, when the hair colour is similar to the desired colour or when the desired colour is (max.) 2 tones darker than the base colour.

Mixture ratio demi-permanent colouring = 1:1

For example: 50 ml KeraCream Color + 50 ml 1,9% KIS DMI Lotion

How to treat regrowth

Minimum loss of colour: only apply colour to the regrowth areas and let it set for 25-30 minutes. Subsequently treat the lengths and ends and let it set for 5-10 minutes (when using High Lift Super Lighteners, only treat the regrowth).

Average loss of colour (colour is 1-2 shades lighter): apply colour to the regrowth, and mix it with a new colour with 3% right away and apply to the lengths and ends immediately. Time to set: 30-40 minutes.

Maximum loss of colour (3 or more shades lighter) and colour correction (light to dark): in this case you should frst repair the removed pigments.

This is done as follows: apply 8FG + 3% onto the lighter parts of washed (towel dry) hair, let it set for 10-15 minutes, then wash it out using KeraMax Shampoo, dry the hair apply the desired colour + 3% onto the coloured hair.

How to cover grey hair

For the best possible grey coverage, add a tint from the natural series N/0 to the desired colour. Thanks to the high colour pigment percentage, KeraCream will cover grey hair in almost all cases by adding 4-6 cm natural tint to the fashion tint. In exceptional cases, when the hair is extremely resistant to the colour or very thick or unruly, the natural tint percentage can be mixed as follows:

t/m 50% grey 5 cm extra N 50 ml desired colour
meer dan 50% grey 1 part N 1 part desired colour